Cannon Beach, Oregon

The west coast sunsets are unbelievable. The gorgeous colors are simply breathtaking. For those that do not know, I never edit my photos in Photoshop. Not for lack of knowledge, because I do know the program well. With the right camera settings, there is no need to. And, I don't believe in "correcting" what Mother Nature made so perfectly. 

Fun Trivia: The famous Haystack Rock pictured here is in what classic 80's movie? 


Winter Photography

Blydenburgh State Park, 12.2011

Stillwell Nature Preserve, 1.2012

Rusted Car, Stillwell Nature Preserve, 1.2012


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is one of my favorite programs to work in. As someone who is always putting the pen to the page, this program allows my drawings to take on new life and meaning. Although these examples are from several years ago, they are also from when I initially fell in love with Illustrator. For my senior design project in my undergrad, we were asked to write a thesis, picking a theme and designing significant pieces of art that coincided with our writing. Being someone who has always been interested in dreams and the artistic influence that it has had on certain individuals, (Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein from her dreams) I based mine upon dreaming - but more specifically nightmares. I have always had a penchant for the work of Edgar Allan Poe, and used his poetry to help exemplify my drawings and artwork. I hand-drew several illustrations, and used them to render illustrator versions with the slightest hint of color, as I felt the use of gray-scale was more poignant and aesthetically pleasing.


Drawings and Sketches

I never leave home without my sketchbook, and at the very least a pen. I like the idea of being able to jot something down, to draw or sketch whenever I get the urge to do so. I think it is important to be able to do this, to be able to write ideas as they come to you, as it has definitely proven helpful in the creative process. Some of my best work comes from my doodles and randomly inspired art.

Left-Handed Art

One of my favorite drawing exercises is drawing with your opposite hand. I have always been right-handed, but at the drawing studio I belong to, we are asked to produce art with our opposite hand, in my case my left. It never ceases to amaze me what you are capable of doing when you put your mind to it. This image is my first attempt at drawing with my left hand, and I was pleasantly surprised at how successful it was. I will definitely be introducing this technique in the classroom, in order to push the creative buttons of my students.


I've always loved photography, and miss the days of developing negatives and making enlargements. The world is, and for the most part has, become a digital one. Digital photography has it's own unique challenges, and offers the instant gratification for those of us who have no patience to see how our shot came out. I love being able to take an image in RAW and the editing capabilities within the camera itself, it is truly fascinating.

Photo #1 is untitled, and is unedited. Photo #2 is titled "Room With a View".

The Thing

Throughout my printmaking experience, I have always been so concentrated on line and form. For this print, I wanted to "let loose" and experiment with free form. I wanted to create a plate that wasn't  dedicated to portraying a certain image. I wanted to see what would happen and what I could create if there was no rhyme or reason to the process. I used a paint pen as ground, and to create a different type of texture that I hadn't yet explored with. I experimented with etching, and defining negative space.

When printing, I discovered that the negative shape I had created had a life all its own. But what was it, this shape, this thing? I've never really quite decided what exactly it is, so henceforth I dubbed it, "The Thing". This was an experimental plate, proof to myself that I could represent something more figuratively as opposed to literal. In the end, "The Thing" is left open to interpretation and the viewer can decide what this shape means or represents.


John Lennon print, etching on zinc plate with intaglio ink and top roll. 

Figure Painting

I have rediscovered my love of painting, especially with the figure which is still relatively new to me. This was done of one of the drawing studio models Jill during a six hour session. Part of me wants to go back into it, and tighten up details, especially in the face. However, I love the vivid colors and brush strokes and the sense that the model is 'floating' in a serene water-like environment. This painting was done on wood, with acrylic and mixed media.

Love Buzz

These pieces are from the 'Love Buzz' art show, which opened February 14, 2010 at the Fire and Ice lounge located in Smithtown, New York. They stayed up for the following show, 'Fool Manchu', which opened April 1, 2010 and stayed at the lounge through the end of April. Note, one image not shown. ("...And a thing called love")

The pieces were created based upon the theme of love buzz, and were left open to interpretation. I decided to go with the image of a little girl plucking the petals from a flower, and the elation of the last petal landing on 'he loves me'. But, as the world doesn't always work in our favor, occasionally the petal may fall on 'he loves me not', and the girl experiences the defeat and heartache of a love unrequited. 

These paintings were done on wood, with acrylic and mixed media. 

Figure Drawing

I have been involved with the Drawing Studio of Long Island located in Smithtown, NY since summer of 2009.  This art studio focuses heavily on figure drawing and exploration with a myriad of techniques that push the boundaries and has made me reevaluate art and my methods of creation.

*Note the above two pieces were created with marker, acrylic and mixed media.



There exists an elegant simplicity and beauty in items and objects that we are exposed to in everyday life. While exploring Port Jefferson, these power lines caught my eye, and made me think of symmetry within design.